For the Sake of the Song


 Originally released in 1968, For The Sake Of The Song is a re-issue of Townes' well known debut album. Produced by Jack Clement and featuring original liner notes by Mickey Newbury. © Fat Possum Records.

Track list..

  1. "For the Sake of the Song"
  2. "Tecumseh Valley"
  3. "Many A Fine Lady"
  4. "Quick Silver Daydreams of Maria"
  5. "Waitin' Around to Die'"
  6. "I'll Be There In the Morning"
  7. "Sad Cinderella"
  8. "The Velvet Voices"
  9. "Talkin' Karate Blues"
  10. "All Your Young Servants"
  11. "Sixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls"

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