Townes Van Zandt


Originally released in 1969. Reissued by Fat Possum Records. Also available on vinyl.

Track list.

1. "For the Sake of the Song"
2. "Columbine"
3. "Waiting Around To Die"
4. "Don't Take It Too Bad"
5. "Colorado Girl"
6. "Lungs"
7. "I'll Be Here In The Morning"
8. "Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel"
9. "Quicksilver Daydreams of Maria"
10. "None But The Rain"



     "On his third album, Townes Van Zandt recut three crucial tracks from his debut album, "For The Sake Of The Song," "Waiting Around To Die," and "I'll Be Here In The Morning." It was some indication of the obscurity in which he remained enveloped, but no indication of the quality of his work. As usual, his closely observed lyrics touched on desperate themes, notably in tbe mining ballad "Lungs," but they were still highly poetic, especially the album-closing "None But The Rain," which reflected on a failed relationship. Van Zandt's finger-picking was augmented by spare arrangements, usually featuring one added instrument for color, such as a fiddle or flute." 

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