Flyin' Shoes (LP)


Originally released in 1978. Reissued on 180-gram vinyl by Fat Possum Records. Also available on CD.

Track list.

1. "Loretta"
2. "No Place to Fall"
3. "Flyin' Shoes"
4. "Who Do You Love"
5. "When She Don't Need Me"
6. "Dollar Bill Blues"
7. "Rex's Blues"
8. "Pueblo Waltz"
9. "Brother Flower"
10. "Snake Song"

      "This is another strong collection from Townes Van Zandt, and not a dud in the bunch. The melodies here are strong, the lyrics full of Van Zandt's razor-sharp insight, and the production is sparse and to the point, bringing to mind the inconspicuous polish of High, Low and in Between. The feel here is a balance between folk and country, with Van Zandt's voice and guitar up front, letting the songs speak for themselves." J. Poet.


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