Sky Blue LP Vinyl


Here's a time capsule that Townes created forty-six years ago, now presented to the world by his family on their label TVZ Records. Release date March 7, the 75th anniversary of Townes' birth. The capsule contains eleven unreleased recordings composed of two new songs, three covers and five classic Van Zandt tunes in their earliest forms. 

The recordings come from the legendary early 1973 basement sessions with the late Bill Hedgepeth, a longtime Van Zandt friend and confidant. Sky Blue shows the artist working out some of his most iconic and new songs in an intimate comfortable setting.


Track List

side A

1. All I Need

2. Rex's Blues

3. The Hills Of Roane County

4. Sky Blue

5. Forever, For Always, For Certain

6. Blue Ridge Mtns. (Smoky Version)

side B.

7. Pancho & Lefty

8. Snake Song

9. Silver Ships of Andilar

10. Dream Spider

11. Last Thing On My Mind


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