Be Here To Love Me (Soundtrack)


Double disc set consisting of the some of the best-known Townes Van Zandt studio and live recordings. It features original artwork and soundclips from the the Margaret Brown film of the same name. © Fat Possum Records.


Track list..

Disc 1

1. "I've Designed It That Way"
2. "At My Window"
3. "Highway Kind"
4. "Rake"
5. "Pancho and Lefty"
6. "My Proud Mountains"
7. "Nothin"
8. "Dollar Bill Blues"
9. "Waitin' Round to Die"
10. "If I Needed You"
11. "Where I Lead Me"
12. "Be Here to Love Me"
13. "No Place to Fall"
14. "My Starter Won't Start"

Disc 2

1. "Wild and Crazy Things"
2. "Rex's Blues"
3. "Black Widow Blues"
4. "Don't Take It Too Bad"
5. "When She Don't Need Me"
6. "Snake Song"
7. "Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold"
8. "Flyin' Shoes"
9. "Delta Momma Blues"
10. "Marie"
11. "To Live's to Fly"
12. "Brand New Companion"
13. "High, Low and In Between"
14. "St. John the Gambler"
15. "I Just Had to Fall"



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